Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Past Year Examination Question

step 1:
go to http://ptsldigital.ukm.my/

step 2:
key in your user name : substitute the alphabet 'A' in your matrix
number with digit one '1'
example: A123456 becomes 1123456 and the password is the same as the
one you use to borrow books in the library

step 3:
in the database, search for "KERTAS SOALAN"

step 4:
key in the code of your course.
Example: If it's TITAS ZZZT1012, just key in ZT1012
if it's VVVB1493, just key in VB1493

step 5:

step 6:
click "KERTAS SOALAN" to download.

For your information, some codes are not updated. The system is still
using the 'old' code.
or example, for those taking TITAS this semester, (if you refer to
your exam slip), the code is ZT1033, but it wont be available in the database.
I was told that the 'old' code was ZT1012, so i tried and i found a
few sets of past year questions.

For more information, please consult the librarians at 'Kaunter
Perkhidmatan Pelanggan, PTSL'